Development Services

Industry Research

We don't use precanned templates or drag and drop. We get to know you and your industry to build your online presence

Responsive Design

We use Bootsrap or Foundation as our CSS template. That means your site is mobile ready out of the box.

Database Design

Database driven applications are our specialty. Sql-injection, indexing, DAO/ActiveRecord, you're database design is done by leaders in the industry.

Object Oriented

If you know what this means you're no n00b. If you don't, don't worry. This means that our code is clean, maintainable and scalable. We're prepared for your web application to grow into the future.

Analytics Reports

Want to know what's holding clients on your site. Want to know what's causing clients to bounce? Our analytics package helps answers those questions.


We work to ensure your site appears on page 1 of all the leading search engines. No one ever goes to page 2 so we don't want you there.


Custom built with you in mind. Out of the box with features most pay for.


SSl encryption. Salt-hashing passwords. Rest assured all your data is safe and so are your clients.

Simple Billing

All of our billing is done through PyroCMS. One itemized bill makes it simple to see what you get and what you're paying for.

Why People Choose Us

SEO Experts

We phrase a list of top searches and we work to make sure your site appears on the first page of all those searches. Anyone can find you with your name. We make them find you when they don't know your name.

Site Security

Most companies build your site and never look at the code again or worse, they have someone build it via a drag and drop interface. Our sites are built by leading developers in their language. When features are deprecated, we update all our clients to keep their sites running clean and smoothly.

Dedicated Team

It takes a village to build a site. We use real designers, developers, copy writers, and project managers to build a single site. Sound like a lot? Our clients are family and family matters.

Flexible Plans

Don't know what you need? We will do our best to put you where you need to be. We don't sell you what you don't need. We don't cheat family.

No hidden Fees

Our prices are straight forward. You know what you pay for and you only pay for what you get.

Developers that rival the industry's best

Again, we don't use drag and drop. Our sites and hand coded to your specifications. If you want to compete with the big boys you have to develop like them. We level the playing field.


Who knew? Data analytics, social media, mailing, articles, store management and branding all roled into one. Not only does it exists but we build customizable modules inside it just for you. How's that for options?


We like to think we're a fun bunch but we take your business as serious as you do. When you win we win. Contrary to belief, we create situations where everyone wins and you're at the top. We don't rest till we do.... and then we work to stay there.

Stress Free

The best part saved for last. An affordable design team just for you. We work to grow your business and we'll keep your code clean, fast, and scalable. Let's take you to the next level.

Code Services Pricing



Great for small business that want to keep a modern feel and codebase maintained

PyroCms ($5/mo value)

Email Customer Support

Yearly Website Redesign

Bug Reports- Tracking and Fixing

Codebase maintained

Security updates

Stay online from day 1 to Forever



Great for ECommerce that need a managed invetory or websites that need to be updated to account for specials and seasons

PyroCms ($5/mo value)

Priority Email Customer Support

Emergency Phone Customer Support

Bug Reports- Tracking and Fixing

Codebase maintained

Security updates

Stay online from day 1 to Forever

Yearly Website Redesign

Monthly Website Updates

Monthly **inventory updates



Perfect for the hands off owner that require a dev team. You run your business. Tell us what you want and we do everything for you.

PyroCms ($5/mo value)

Phone Customer Support

Bug Reports- Tracking and Fixing

Codebase maintained

Security updates

Stay online from day 1 to Forever

Yearly Website Redesign

Unlimited Website Updates

Unlimited **inventory updates

Need More?
Contact Us About Our Corporate Dev Team Solutions.

What is PyroCMS

PyroCMS is a proprietary content management system specifically design to put decision making data in the hands of business owners. PyroCMS comes included with all of our developer maintenance plans. It can be purchased separately for $5/mo

Google Analytics Dashboard

Built in google analytics. Site clicks, visitor references, bounce rates. Right at your finger tips. Run past reports, apply built into statistical formulas to answer the hard questions. Yes we did that.


Build a following and be able to communicate with them. You can run your mailchimp campaigns from within. Yes we did that too.

Prebuilt Site Widgets

Subsription forms. Lead generator forms, instagram gallery, twitter widgets, facebook posts, etc. We have a suite of site widgets to add to your site. Best of all, these widgets are customized to fit your link. Pre-built doesn't mean everyone looks the same.

Social Media Integration

Trying to figure out how to leverage the power of social media? Let us show you the power of PyroCMS. We can fill a page with this section alone so we won't. We'd rather show you.

Payment Processing

Have development, server, development, ssl, and more? One simple itemized bill payable through PyroCMS.

User Administration

Need a memebers only area? Reset passwords, confirm registration, etc? User administration is built into the site. Add Admins to yours right here!

Guest satisfaction reports

Want to see how we're doing? Build and add a guest survey to your site and get the results in realtime right in PyroCMS

Photo Gallery

We've already leveraged your instagram account to show photos. Want to add some specific photos too? Upload photos and videos directly in PyroCMS and they'll show up on your site.


Want to get your message out while driving traffic? Leverage our bloggin platform with our social media integrations and change the way people view you. You're no longer a website but you're now you're a authoritative source of information.

Lead Generation

Built in lead generator to find new clients or members. No extra party plugins or paying extra fees. This comes ready out of the box to find your next client from day one.

Custom Modules

Need something not included here? Guess what? Everyone does. Part of joining the Pyrotech family is with PyroCMS we can build seamless solutions to your needs. PyroCms has standard features but by the time you're done with it, it's nothing but standard. It's yours.

Custom Site Analytics

Everyone's different. Google analytics only goes so far. We build custom analytics solutions to really capture your data. Own a store? Want to know what's selling and when? We can build it. Run a Lead site and want to know where people are coming from and where they are going? We can build that too. Run a restuarant, want to know who, where and when .... Yea We can build that too.